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Experience the power of AI in a personal speaking assistant that helps you practice languages and visualize your ideas.

Our Services

Daily Talks

Ask for help, get weather details, learn about a book, or ask a question about your daily life.

Multilanguage Support

Practice and communicate in various languages with ease. Just ask Aria to talk to you in the language you want.

Visualize Concepts

Transform thoughts into visual representations instantly. Aria will help you with an image or a video.

Our Story

Aria is a mobile app offering a customized Talking AI Assistant powered by advanced GPT engines, supporting multiple languages.

Born from a passion for AI and language learning, Aria began with the goal of making communication effortless.


Personalized AI Assistant

Tailor your AI companion’s voice to suit your preferences and language learning needs.


Multilanguage Support

Practice various languages with ease through interactive sessions and conversations.


Visualize Your Thoughts

Transform your ideas into reality with features like image creation, YouTube video suggestions, and map routes.

Why Choose Aria?

Customizable AI Experience

Make your AI assistant truly yours by adjusting
its voice and functions according to your needs.

Language Learning Made Fun

Improve language skills the engaging way by conversing with a responsive and supportive AI assistant.

Get Help for Your Daily Tasks

Aria can help you with current or forecasted
weather info, provide you context about any
question you have, provide you map of the
place you want to go, open youtube video
about the topic you are talking etc.

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