Cutting-Edge AI Assistance


Open Maps to destination you want

Aria may help you to open a map application to the destinati─▒n you want, that could be while driving, or when you want to voice command the map. Even Aria can remember a destination and auto open it when requested. Ie. ask Aria to remember the dancing school address and then later ask her to open map for the dancing school.


Multilanguage Support

Engage with the AI Assistant in multiple languages, improving your language skills and cultural understanding. Just ask Aria to start using the language you want to practice When you are done you may just ask to use your primary language.


Visualize Concepts

When having a conversation with Aria, Aria may present a youtube video related to the topic you are talking to, it helps you visualize the conversation in a better way.


Intuitive Guidance

Aria may help you with of your daily tasks, at the morning you may ask a briefing about how the weather will be, you may ask your calendar and meetings, any birthday within the week to remember. Aria may keep small memos for you to retrieve later on.

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